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nuTonomy is now part of the Delphi family! Read our press release here.

nuTonomy is Building Software to Power Tomorrow’s Driverless Fleets

Our mission is to radically improve the safety, efficiency, and accessibility of transportation in cities worldwide. To fulfill this mission we’ve assembled a team of engineers and scientists who are committed to developing the world’s premier driverless vehicle technology. We envision a future where fleets of nuTonomy-powered driverless vehicles are available where you need them, when you need them, in cities from Singapore to San Francisco. By eliminating accidents due to driver error and maximizing vehicle utilization, we will enable safer roads and a healthier planet.
We’re nuTonomy. We’re driving toward tomorrow.

nuCore™: A Scalable, Full-stack Software Solution for Automated Driving

nuTonomy’s nuCore™ software is a flexible, modular system for perception, mapping, localization, motion planning, decision making and control of passenger vehicles operating in complex, urban environments. nuCore’s powerful planning engine enables human-like maneuvering performance, and nuCore’s patented approach to decision making allows autonomous vehicles to handle even the most complex traffic scenarios. nuCore can be integrated with a wide range of vehicle types, sensor configurations, and ride hailing applications, and has been successfully deployed on five different vehicle models across three continents.

nuTonomy’s Leadership Team

Karl Iagnemma

Karl (President) is an authority on robotics and autonomous vehicles whose op...

Emilio Frazzoli

Emilio (CTO & Chief Scientist) is the pioneering inventor of the RRT* motion ...

Doug Parker

Doug (COO) is an experienced start-up and product development executive. Doug...

Gretchen Effgen

Gretchen (VP of Partnerships) is a recognized innovator in mobility services....

Jake Cheuvront

Jake Cheuvront (VP of Software) has worked across the software spectrum in th...

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